We help dioceses and bishops’ conference to reap the fruits of digital innovation, using the Catholic App and related supportive technologies, which are global standards




The Catholic App having undergone successful testing in Scotland is being launched on 1st August 2017. The beta access for Android is currently available for UK residents at http://eepurl.com/cLbyov. If you live outside UK, you can still contact us to get a feel for the app, and we shall be happy to provide you with special access.



Musemantik also delivers additional services which help dioceses to become truly digital including:

* Helping you distil data about churches, Mass and Confession times and make it digitally accessible

* Helping make your churches have complete digital presence on online maps. The benefit of this is that more people will find your churches and attend Mass. It also helps improve the accuracy of the navigation features in the Catholic App. We have impressive statistics we can share with you, about the measurable benefit that this brings to a diocese or bishop’s conference.



Q: I represent a diocese or Bishops’ Conference and we want to have this app now. What should I do?
A:  Contact us using the form above and we will get in touch to discuss how we can launch it in your area. We will work with dioceses on a “first come first served” basis.

Q: I am a Catholic and I want this app now. What should I do?
A: Call your diocese and ask them or the Bishops’ Conference to express their interest by using the sign-up above. You can also sign up as an individual for the newsletter below, but the diocese must get in touch before we can launch it in your territory.

Q: I represent a diocese or Bishops’ conference and the app sounds great but I feel we are behind on being “digital” (incl. behind in regards to websites, social media, placing churches on online maps, having correct information etc.)
A: Don’t worry, we can work with you and help you get these things right. If you have social media pages on Facebook, the app will help promote them. We can assist or advice you in compiling information that the Catholic App and other supportive technologies need, to make the users satisfied.

Q: Have you launched any other apps?
A: Yes, while you wait for this one to be finalized, you can download our Christian Meditation app for Android, sign up for the iOS version, or download our Android app for mental well-being or sign up for the iOS version and newsletter.

Q: How is your app unique?
A: This app is truly global while also truly local. It was first officially announced in the Vatican (see the news section) and is result-focused: our ambition is to increase Mass attendance by working with you over time and configuring the app to give you the best results in your diocese. We believe that we can achieve this since we take responsibility for the product over time, will constantly measure its performance and improve it based on global best practices. For this reason, any diocese that signs up for the app will get free product upgrades for a substantial time.  The priority is to serve the Catholics in your diocese, but we will market the app globally and bring you visitors from other dioceses and make sure they quickly can find their way and participate actively in your diocese. Also, we take design and usability seriously, to make sure the users will keep using the app over time.

Q: Will it be available in other languages?
A: Yes, we will translate it to any language you want for no additional charge. In particular, we can also have the initial call with you in Spanish, Polish, Swedish (and hope to add more languages soon). Other languages we prioritize for the app are French, German and Portuguese.


The Catholic App is the most ambitious global initiative of its kind, and was announced in the Vatican at end of the Year of Mercy in 2016. This app ecosystem is focused on delivering measurable spiritual and financial value for dioceses across the world, such as increasing Mass and confession attendance, by changing minds and hearts of Catholics. This is achieved using the state of the art technology that incentives and inspires individuals and adapts information in an intelligent and personal way.

Unlike attempting to develop an isolated regional app, which might deliver limited value and eventually lead to disappointment, our approach is different: The Catholic App is global, but also truly local, and every diocese gets a solution based on best practices and learning experiences from across the whole Catholic world. The app will constantly get better and gets additional features and your diocese therefore gets three years of free product updates to benefit from these. We believe this is the way to deliver transformative results that truly make a difference.


As the Catholic App is a global initiative there have been hundreds of articles written about it after the announcement in November 2016. Here is a selection:

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CATHOLIC HERALD: Scottish archbishop launches Mass-finding app

WORLD RELIGION NEWS: The Catholic App, Nicknamed ‘SINDR,’ Helps You Get To Confession

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