Opportunities in a challenging world

Many Catholic dioceses around the world face challenges, with decreasing Mass attendance, demographics of those practicing religion being skewed towards old age, decreasing revenues and a secular world gradually consuming more attention. At the same time, never have the opportunities been greater, and it is a good time to explore new ways of thinking.

A Reference Story

Two dioceses struggled with declining numbers of people coming to church and the demographics of church attendees being skewed towards older age. The huge numbers of tourists and visitors visiting their locations had challenges identifying correct Mass and Confession times, as websites were hard to find, had obsolete data and most pages on online maps about the churches had errors. The bishops of both dioceses were open to new ways in which information about church activities (including Mass and Confession) can be made much more accessible to people, including visitors and the younger generation. We provided those capabilities.
The deployment of the solution is still ongoing, but the ecosystem we created can be correlated with 1 200 000+ church visits (during a period of 2+ years), the mobile part of the solution is popular, and 65% of the users are under the age of 55.

Capabilities we can provide

We can provide various capabilities, adapted to your needs, including:

  • Enable more people to find and visit your churches.
  • Help more Catholics attend Mass and Confession.
  • Support your outreach out to Catholics speaking many different languages.
  • Grow your physical and digital church communities.
  • Reach out to the younger people in your parish.
  • Reduce the communication workload of your priests
  • Reduce cost and burden on the environment by making paper documents available digitally

We believe the time has come to explore new ways of thinking.


The Catholic App Platform

The Catholic App platform embodies this new way of thinking.
It makes a proven solution available to any diocese in the world.

A Smart Companion and guide to your diocese, giving you full control

The Catholic App is perfectly adapted to your local diocese, and this smart companion provides information about Mass, Confession, people, churches, locations, news and more. You have full and instant control over the data using the web platform. The intelligence of the app simplifies the effort of making data updates immensely.

Truly Global & connected with the world

The Catholic App platform brings Catholics from other areas to your diocese, as well as give you control over your diocese. It connects the Catholic World.

Multi-Lingual: Seven Languages

In order to be useful globally, and for visitors and tourists to your diocese, the Catholic App already translates everything to seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese,  and Polish. This allows visitors to instantly feel at home in your diocese, even if they don’t speak the local language, and we can add support for more languages.

Rejuvenate parish life & build communities 

The app provides a great and proven mobile experience and helps anyone to find parishes and instantly feel at home there. It helps to grow local communities by providing relevant information and connecting to the social media pages and news streams of every parish. It helps you to build both digital and physical communities, which sustain parish life. The web platform makes all of this available to you without require any technical expertise at all.

An Intelligent Guide

Unlike static websites, the Catholic App understands where the user is, the time and schedule of Mass and Confession, and intelligently renders the relevant information instantly. It understands both regular and irregular schedules, local feast days and Holy Days of Obligation, and shows this in an accessible way to the user. You have full ability to customize these for your diocese.

Control your own data

The Catholic App web platform allows you to have full control over data about your diocese, and also, if you want, to delegate data updates to parishes or deaneries.
Contact us for a demo now!


Integrated Navigation

The Catholic App uses Google Maps for navigating users to the church, for visually guiding the users and visualizing information.
We see Google Maps and the Catholic App as two important elements of the Catholic App ecosystem. About 80% of church pages on Google Maps have errors, and we can also help you to correct these, and make them consistent with the app.


Find Mass & Confession with a single tap

The ability for the user to find Mass and Confession with a single tap, was what made the app well-known originally. This type of spontaneous use helps the user to find Mass or Confession soon in time and near in space.


Integrated Smart Planning

Would your priests like to spend less time on answering phone calls about “When will this Mass take place?” etc. This app is still the only one in the world to offer intelligent planning. The user can type any address in your diocese and a future time, to instantly get Mass and Confession results for that location and time.


Supports finding Mass & Confession in different languages

The Catholic App has from the very start supported the feature that shows the language of the Mass or Confession, and the user can filter results to see Mass or Confession in the chosen language, if that is available in your diocese.


Smart Data Management

The data used in the app comes from data you collect before the launch, data update requests from parishes and crowd-sourcing from the faithful. The app can estimate & communicate the accuracy and completeness of its data, to the user.  It works both with parishes which provide frequent & complete information, and those that provide incomplete information.


In-app News Distribution

Parishes spend vast resources printing things on paper, incl. parish newsletters. The Catholic App allows such documents to appear digitally inside the app, including PDF news, and can even be read in church mode, without Internet. This is made available through the news channels, which are both for parishes and dioceses. Available for Android and coming soon to iOS.

Save money and the environment: Digitize paper in parishes with PDF support

The Catholic App offers excellent mobile support for in-app news in PDF, including zooming, scrolling, multiple pages, opening links and “church mode” where the items can be ready without mobile signal. Things like parish newsletters, hymn sheets, sermons, and leaflets can be digitized to be read on the fly.

Coming next: Collect donations for your diocese and parishes

If your diocese or parishes have a web interface for making donations, the Catholic App for Android can be integrated with it and support any of your fundraising campaigns. Use this digital way of collecting donations, preferred by the age group under 55. Later this year, we will be launching our own in-app system for collecting donations for you.

Spiritual & Financial  Return on Investment

The Catholic App ecosystem has proven impact and offers a spiritual and financial return on investment, since it makes more Catholics active. Ask us for a ROI calculation for your diocese. It also supports demographic sustainability, as 65% of the users are under the age of 55.


Download the global evaluation version for Android at Google Play here and the iPhone/iPad version here. We are regularly adding new features.  For the moment, the app covers a part of Scotland and other dioceses are being added. When a diocese becomes a subscriber, the app can be launched in your area. Contact us using the form below for details.


The Catholic App Web Platform

The Catholic App Web Platform puts you in charge of your diocese and its data. Ask us now for a live demo!

Assisting in 1 200 000+ church visits

The Catholic App ecosystem consists of the app, online map and navigation technologies, processes for collecting data and more. So far the impact of our work can be correlated with 1.2m+ church visits. Moreover, 65% of the Catholic App users are under the age of 55. Any diocese or Bishops’ Conference in the world that prioritizes demographic sustainability, should explore this solution, since every week we have more and more evidence of its impact.

Simple, Fast & Affordable – free evaluation and quick launch

Any diocese in the world can subscribe to the Catholic App and have it launched in their area with their information. Or you can ask for a free evaluation first. Currently, once we receive your diocese information we promise you will appear in the Catholic App in a few days and it can then be used in your diocese. Below you can see some of the subscription options and introductory pricing.
Do you have any questions about pricing? Use the form or email us at info@musemantik.com.

Regular – Free Trial
Cost per month £100 £250 £500 Free
(30 days)
Contact Us
Max Number of Churches 100 150 250 500 Unlimited
Can Publish to the Public Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Can Publish Churches Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Publish Mass & Confession times Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart search & Planning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Core Functionality* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Language Support Support for and instant smart translation to: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Polish
Data Maintenance after Launch Web Interface (10 accounts) Web Interface (15 accounts) Web Interface (50 accounts) + 20 email updates/week by us Web Interface Web Interface (100 accounts) + 50 email updates/week by us
Can Publish In-app news No Yes Yes Yes Yes
News Channels None One per church Three per church Max one per church Unlimited
Number of news items per channel per week None Three Five Five Unlimited
Support for PDF news items No No Yes Yes Yes
Support for video news posts No No Yes Yes Yes
Supply analytics
(about Mass & Confession etc.)
No No Yes Yes Yes
* Core Functionality = church pages, Feast Days & Holy Days of Obligation, works off-line, integrated navigation and filtering results.

Until the web interface is available to all customers, we offer to do all email updates for you for no additional charge. The subscription can be paid for by the diocese or you can gift your diocese a subscription by contacting us.


Musemantik also delivers additional services which help dioceses to become truly digital, including:

  • Google Maps Church Pages Management & Correction.
    Helping make your churches have a complete digital presence on online maps: Google Maps. The Catholic App benefits from these and works in unison with them. These online maps are used by 1-2 billion people worldwide and most dioceses have very poor-quality online map listings. Our experience shows that approximately 80% of church pages on Google Maps have errors, omissions or are completely missing. The benefit of fixing this is that more people will find your churches and attend Mass. It also helps improve the accuracy of the navigation features in the Catholic App. There are many technical challenges in trying to fix Google Maps listings, but we have developed a specialized process which overcomes the hurdles and solves the problem for you. Musemantik is registered as an agency with Google for the purpose of managing and correcting Google Maps church pages on behalf of dioceses and presbyteries. Here is some information that we both correct and can keep updated for you:
    1. Church Name
    2. Church Address
    3. Church Location
    4. Church photo
    5. Church opening hours
    6. Church telephone number
    7.  Church website
    …and more.The introductory pricing for this subscription service in the US, UK, western and northern Europe is a fixed fee per church as a set-up cost including complete data correction and 12 months of updates, and this also includes adding and correct churches on three other services. Email us for a quote for other geographical areas.
  • We integrate The Catholic App with your Google Maps church pages (see the image on the right) – someone that opens your church on Google Maps can immediately find Mass and Confession times using the Catholic App
  • We recommend that you collect the initial data for launching the app in your diocese, and we provide advice and support. Alternatively, if you need assistance we can help to distill and collect data about churches, Mass and Confession times and make these digitally accessible.
  • Taking high-quality church photos, to be used in online map listings and the Catholic App. Photos can have a big impact in the digital world, making churches more tangible and attractive to the digital audience. Otherwise, we can use or review your existing church photos free of charge.

You have full control over your data

You have 100% control over the data in your diocese, including:

  • Give the authority to view and edit diocese data to one person or delegate it to many people across the diocese – even to individual parishes
  • View and edit data about churches, their address, location, staff etc.
  • View and edit data about Mass & Confession times, Feast Days, Holy Days of Obligation, days with irregular schedules etc.
  • The ability to publish news items, both official news items (e.g. the Archbishop’s announcements) and news items (e.g. parish news, sermons, announcements) for individual parishes



Q: I represent a diocese or Bishops’ Conference and we want to have this app now. What should I do?
A:  Contact us using the form above and we will get in touch to discuss how we can launch it in your area.

Q: I am a Catholic and I want this app now. What should I do?
A: Call your diocese and ask them to express their interest by using the sign-up form above. You can also sign up as an individual for the newsletter below, or if you want to cover the cost of launching it in a diocese, then please contact us as well.

Q: I represent a diocese or Bishops’ conference and the app sounds great but I feel we are behind on being “digital” (incl. behind in regards to websites, social media, placing churches on online maps, having correct information etc.)
A: Don’t worry, we can work with you and help you get these things right. If you have social media pages on Facebook, the app will help promote them. We can assist or advice you in compiling information that the Catholic App and other supportive technologies need, to make the users satisfied.

Q: Have you launched any other apps?
A: Yes, you can also download our Christian Meditation app for Android and for iOS or download our Android app for mental well-being or sign up for the iOS version and newsletter.

Q: How is your app unique?
A: This app is truly global while also truly local. It helps you to become demographically sustainable by reaching out to more Catholics. The news functionality (available on Android, coming soon to iOS) helps you to digitize paper. It was first officially announced in the Vatican (see the news section) and is result-focused: our ambition is to increase Mass attendance by working with you over time and configuring the app to give you the best results in your diocese. We believe that we can achieve this since we take responsibility for the product over time, will constantly measure its performance and improve it based on global best practices. For this reason, any diocese that signs up for the app will get free product upgrades for a substantial time.  The priority is to serve the Catholics in your diocese, but we will market the app globally and bring you visitors from other dioceses and make sure they quickly can find their way and participate actively in your diocese. Also, we take design and usability seriously, to make sure the users will keep using the app over time.

Our Approach

The Catholic App, completely customized for you
The Catholic App is the most ambitious global initiative of its kind, and was announced in the Vatican at end of the Year of Mercy in 2016. This app ecosystem is focused on delivering measurable spiritual, social and financial value for dioceses across the world, such as increasing Mass and confession attendance, by changing minds and hearts of Catholics. This is achieved using the state of the art technology that incentives and inspires individuals and adapts information in an intelligent and personal way.

Practical Benefits:
• The app is completely customized with data about your diocese or bishops’ conference. When it is used in your territory the name of your diocese and relevant information is shown. It feels wholly local. It is fully localized to use the language(s) in your country or region, both in the app store descriptions and the user interface.
• We market the app to Catholics around the world, so when they come to your area they more likely to already have it installed. Some Catholics might even plan their visits to your diocese(s) because they already know in advance how to engage with the religious activities where they are going. It is global.
• We add new features to the app and they appear there without your effort or you having to buy a new product. It feels fresh and you benefit from the insights we gain by delivering the app to dioceses around the world.

Data Maintenance
Contact us to discuss different data maintenance options. By default, you provide us with the complete data for the launch in your area. After launch there are various options, contact us to find an option that suits you. You have absolute control over the data in your diocese.

Creating a bespoke application for you
We believe that being part of the global Catholic App, customized for your area, provides you with superior value, since you become a part of a global network. However, If there are some particular reasons for why you would like a bespoke mobile application, this applies:
• We build an app for you based on an agreed specification.
• The app can be for Catholics or other Christian denominations.
• You take responsibility for maintaining the data using a web interface


As the Catholic App is a global initiative there have been hundreds of articles written about it after the announcement in November 2016. Here is a selection:

THE GUARDIAN: Catholic confession-finding app launched by Scottish church

CATHOLIC HERALD: Scottish archbishop launches Mass-finding app

WORLD RELIGION NEWS: The Catholic App, Nicknamed ‘SINDR,’ Helps You Get To Confession

ROME REPORTS: GPS app launched to find Mass and confession time (video)


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